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FHP offers ‘priority placement’ for Florida National Guard veterans

By Staff | Oct 3, 2011

In a collaborative effort between the Florida National Guard and the Florida Highway Patrol, FHP is offering “priority placement” to any service member interested in starting a career as a State Trooper. The next class will

begin in March 2012 and FHP has allocated 150 seats for the Florida National Guard.

The unemployment rate among members of the Florida National Guard is more than 16 percent. The average unemployment rate among civilians in Florida is about 10 percent. To help bring this number down, Gov. Rick Scott has asked all of his agency heads to hire guardsmen when possible. The Florida Highway Patrol has taken the lead by offering this opportunity to the men and women of the Florida National Guard.

Applicants will have to meet all standards and requirements set forth by Florida Highway Patrol. “Priority placement” in the March 2012 class does not guarantee employment.

For more information on FHP recruiting standards please visit the FHP recruiting website: www.BeATrooper.com or www.beatrooper.com/Requirements.htm