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Salisbury signing copies of new book at Suncatchers Dream

By Staff | Sep 27, 2011

Linda Salisbury will autograph copies of her new book, “But You Don’t Look Funny,” on Saturday evening at Suncatchers’ Dream, located at 630 Tarpon Bay Road.

For the past 22 years, longtime Charlotte County resident Linda Salisbury has delighted readers with her weekly humor column. The best of that material has been collected and published by Tabby House in a new book entitled “But You Don’t Look Funny.”

Salisbury will sign and talk about her books from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. this Saturday, Oct. 1 at Suncatchers’ Dream, located at 630 Tarpon Bay Road, next to the Over Easy Cafe.

Salisbury and her husband own a timeshare at the Caribe Beach Resort and have spent untold hours and weeks on the island, enjoying its shops, restaurants and beaches. Through the years, Salisbury’s adventures – and misadventures – while vacationing on Sanibel with her husband and/or family made for humorous fodder for her musings, along with many other topics. She is also the author of the Bailey Fish Adventure series, which has many Sanibel references and features the alphabet cone shell in book 8.

The new book covers a wide-range of favorite topics: clutter, fruitcake, Mad Cat Disease, cooking mishaps, grits, red lights, marriage, dieting, kids and much more.

“What was provided by the management for the week on the beach should have been adequate, but there were major problems,” Salisbury writes of a Sanibel Thanksgiving vacation with family in timeshare units. “There were lots of us and all the towels at the resort were the same color: beige. Lovely, sand-colored beige.”

You can imagine the subsequent mixup!

Salisbury describes her dog as having teeth that included wire ships that he used to break chains.

“His paws had glass cutters to remove jalousie panes,” she wrote. “He is a cross between a terrier and a Swiss Army knife.”

A frequent topic was Man In My Life, who “suffered from delusions of neatness,” and had personal encounters with the Red Light Fairy, who saw him coming on U.S. 41 and waved her wand at the traffic signals. And then there is “Timeshares should throw in the towel.”

Her Bailey Fish Adventure series includes eight books, and she wrote “Mudd Saves The Earth,” a humorous environmental book also for ages 8 through 12. Many of her books have won literary awards and honors.

Anyone wishing to reserve autographed copies of “But You Don’t Look Funny” may send an e-mail to tabbyhouse@gmail.com or contact Suncatcher’s Dream by calling 472-7860.