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Smoke testing of sewer lines at Gulf Pines, Bailey’s

By Staff | Sep 16, 2011

Beginning on Tuesday, Sept. 20 and continuing through Friday, Sept. 23 in Gulf Pines Subdivision and on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at Bailey’s Shopping Center, inspection crews from the Utility Division and the city’s contractor Sewer Viewer will be conducting a smoke test of the sewer lines. This will include a physical survey of the City of Sanibel wastewater collection system, which will involve the opening of manholes in the streets and easements.

An important task of the survey will be the “smoke testing” of sewer lines to locate breaks and defects in the sewer system. During the test, YOU MAY SEE SMOKE COMING FROM VENT STACKS ON BUILDINGS OR FROM HOLES IN THE GROUND. Don’t be alarmed. The smoke that you may see coming from the vent stacks on buildings or the ground is NON-TOXIC, HARMLESS, HAS NO ODOR, AND CREATES NO FIRE HAZARD, and will dissipate in a few minutes.

The smoke should not enter your building unless the plumbing is defective or the drain traps are dried out. You should pour water into unused drains and sinks. If smoke occurs, you should contact your plumber. A member of the smoke testing crew will be pleased to check as to where and why the smoke has entered your building.

Some sewer lines and manholes are located on private property. If these lines require investigation, members of the inspection crews will need access to the facilities. The workmen do not need to enter your building. DVDs and photographs will be made of any leaks occurring in the system.

If you have any questions, please contact the Utility Office at 472-1008, 472-3179 or 472-1636.

Source: City of Sanibel