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Council to consider outsourcing Coral Oaks operations

By Staff | Sep 16, 2011

City Council will get its first taste of proposals to outsource certain functions of Coral Oaks Golf Course during its workshop Monday.

An evaluation committee consisting of non-Parks and Recreation personnel reviewed 15 proposals; five for grounds maintenance, eight for management and two looking to lease the course.

The committee made a top selection in each category.

City Manager Gary King said a public-private partnership for the course’s maintenance could be an option, which could save the city upwards of $700,000 a year.

King said Tampa-based CKT Asset Management Company manages courses that are “superior” to Coral Oaks. King thinks CKT would be a good fit.

“I believe the experience (of citizens at Coral Oaks) has the opportunity to increase over what it is now,” King added.

King didn’t know how many maintenance jobs would be effected by outsourcing that function, but added those individuals may have an opportunity to work for CKT, if selected by council as the top choice.

With the debt service set to be paid off on the facility next year, Councilmember Marty McClain said he’d prefer to let the course reach that point before deciding that outsourcing is an option.

McClain doesn’t know if a for-profit company can provide the same kind of service that city Parks and Recreation Department staffers have been able to over the years at the course.

“They’re going to have to do a good sales job to convince me this is the way to go,” McClain said.

Councilmember Kevin McGrail said he’s received an outpouring of emails and letters from the community in support of keeping the golf course in-house.

McGrail said many of those same communications warned of a decline in maintenance if outsourced.

He said the maintenance outsourcing is likely a “done deal,” but feels it’s an issue future councils may have to deal with.

“I would not be surprised to see us revisiting this next year,” McGrail said.

Councilmember Pete Brandt did not return phone calls for comment.

Mayor John Sullivan could not be reached for comment.