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Countdown to Galloway Captiva Triathlon: It’s all good

By Staff | Sep 15, 2011

It is 7 a.m. on Sept. 18 on the beach at South Seas Island Resort, and you are eagerly and anxiously awaiting the start of the race. You’ve trained, you are ready. The air horn sounds and you are off. It’s all good.

You are standing at the intersection of Captiva Drive and Andy Rosse Lane on a warm morning on Sept. 18, watching and cheering as 500 cyclists ride by. Some ride like the wind and others and working very hard with less forward motion. It doesn’t matter – you cheer for all of them. It’s all good (and there is no charge for spectators).

You more than anyone know about doing more with less. At CCMI, you are facing more hungry people and emptier shelves. You know that Galloway Captiva Tri will help fill those shelves. It’s all good.

You are filling cups with water and watching the runners on the beautiful golf course path. It is a beautiful day and you are helping 500 people make their dreams a reality. It’s all good.

You are the Lee County economy, facing one of the bleakest months of the year. Over 600 people from throughout Florida as well as Georgia, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana come to race in September. It’s all good.

You are not a great runner, but your best friend is and your cousin is a fast swimmer. Together you make an awesome team that is out to have a good time and a good race. It’s all good.

You are a 6-year old still wearing your race t-shirt and medal from the kids’ tri yesterday. You are watching dad race, feeling very proud. It’s all good.(Well… mostly all good: there is one really angry 3-year old who wanted to race, but has to wait until he is six).

You are watching your significant other racing, knowing that he or she is no longer a couch potato. He or she has lost weight, gotten in shape, and turned his or her life around. The family doctor is thrilled. It’s all good.

On Sept. 17, more than 100 children will compete in two age groups in a mini-triathlon beginning at 8 a.m. Everyone who finishes will receive a medal. The purpose is to encourage lifetime fitness and family fun.

On Sept. 18, more than 500 people ages 14 to 75-plus will compete to swim 440 yards, bicycle about 10 miles and run 3.1 miles on Captiva Island to raise funds (to help the needy) and have fun.

It is all very, very good!