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District considers not renewing lease on office

By Staff | Sep 14, 2011

The Captiva Erosion Prevention District may not being renewing the lease on its current office space at 11513 Andy Rosse Lane. The building, which is owned by Sandy Stilwell, has been home to CEPD since December 2008.

“I would love to have you stay,” Stilwell told the commissioners during the September meeting. “I would be willing to work with you.”

The 638-square-foot office space has a base rent of $1,350 per month not including a prorata share of real estate taxes, common area expenses and more. Last month, CEPD paid $1,7741.52 in rent. The four-year lease will end in November 2012 and commissioners debated on whether or not to renew it.

Commissioners Harry Kaiser and Jim Boyle showed concern about CEPD keeping a presence on the island should it give up the office space. Chairman Mike Mullins said CEPD would pursue all options before making an official decision.

There will be a workshop held on Oct. 13 to discuss additional beach parking. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has requested more parking be added near beach accesses. Mullins stated he thought the property market should be picking up and CEPD could possibly buy land. Senior Administrator Kathy Rooker said everyone needed to bring all ideas to this very important meeting.

“We need more money for more parking space,” she said.

There was some discussion among the commissioners about changing the name of CEPD to reflect the work it does today. Since erosion is no longer a big part of the organization, a name such as Captiva Beach Preservation District may be more suitable.

Mullins said he contacted a lawyer who told him CEPD has no risk of losing its charter should a name change take place.

“It would cost between $25,000 to $45,000 to have the name changed,” he said. “We could have a DBA (Doing Business As) instead.”

However, most commissioners expressed it wasn’t worth the money to change the name.

In other business:

o Since commissioners do not earn a salary for being on the CEPD board, Mullins asked them all to consider travel reimbursement. Should there be an important meeting, such as the recent budget hearings, members can be reimbursed for any flights or rental cars used to be at meetings in person.

The next CEPD meeting will be at noon Oct. 12 in the Wakefield Room at ‘Tween Waters.