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All three incumbents clear primary; none emerge as top-vote getter in his race

By Staff | Sep 13, 2011

All three incumbents cleared the city council primary Tuesday but none emerged as the top voter-getter in their respective race.

Incumbent Pete Brandt will face challenger John M. Carioscia Sr. in District 2, incumbent Bill Diele will face challenger Leonard “Lenny” Nesta Jr. in District 3 and incumbent Derrick Donnell will face challenger Dave Stokes in District 7 in the General Election set for Nov. 8.

In District 5, which had no incumbent, Rana Erbrick will face off with Scott Morris.


District 2:

Advancing to the General Election: John M. Carioscia, 4,090 votes, or 40.12 percent, and Pete Brandt, 2,873 or 28.18 percent.

Also running: Joe Coviello, 2,319 votes, or 22.75 percent, and Dan Sheppard, 764 votes or 7.49 precent. John Miehle was on the ballot but had dropped out of the race. He garnered 148 votes, or 1.45 percent.

District 3:

Advancing to the General Election: Leonard “Lenny” Nesta Jr., 5,273 votes, or 51.85 percent, and Bill Deile, 3,403 votes, or 33.46 percent. As per the city’s charter, candidates cannot win in the primary, even with a majority of the vote. The top two vote getters advance.

Also running: Alan Sheppard, 1,494 votes, or 14.69 percent.

District 5:

Advancing to the General Election: Rana Erbrick, 2,356 votes, or 23.74 percent, and Scott Morris, 2,135 votes, or 21.52 percent.

Also running: Carlos Alvarez Del Castillo, 631 votes, or 6.36 percent; Bennie Barnes, 1,596 votes, or 16.08 percent; Richard Leon, 1,718 votes, or 17.31 percent; James “Jim” McManus, 1,038 votes, or 10.46 percent; and Charles C. Stanton, 449 votes, or 4.52 percent.

District 7:

Advancing to the General Election: Dave Stokes, 4,135 votes, or 40.94 percent, and Derrick Donnell, 2,473 votes, or 24.48 percent.

Also running: Michael Garr, 2,297 votes, or 22.74 percent, and Erica Nicole Warren, 1,196 votes, or 11.84 percent.

The numbers, with all precincts reporting Tuesday night, are unofficial until certified by the Supervisor of Elections Office.