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Election question of the Week, Week seven: Message for the voters

By Staff | Sep 10, 2011

Each week through the primary, The Breeze will ask the candidates for Cape Coral City Council an issue-related question. In the interest of fairness, each candidate is limited to the same amount of space, about 100 words, for their response. Week seven question: What message, about you and your campaign, would you like voters to bring to the polls? (Note: The question is intended to offer voters a succinct message about you and what you bring to the table. It is not proffered as a last-minute opportunity to address opponents.)

Peter Brandt (I)

District 2

I represent the thinking of the majority of the residents who want essential services delivered as economically and efficiently as possible to minimize taxes and fees. I am committed to this end.

Most issues are extremely complex and require multi-dimensional, rather than one dimensional thinking. Unlike many of the new candidates and even some current Council members, I have demonstrated the ability to grasp all the nuances of an issue (multi-dimensional), not just the single main point (one dimensional).

As always, I am dedicated to listening to the residents. I’ve held 16 quarterly Town Hall meetings since taking office and always seek input from anyone wishing to share a thought with me.


John Carioscia Sr.

District 2

The message, about me and my campaign, that I would like the voters to bring to the polls, is that a vote for John Carioscia Sr. for Councilman, will bring a smaller Government to the Cape, respect and dignity to the residents, to my colleagues on the dais and certainly an appreciation to all who work for the City of Cape Coral. Please use your vote to bring back the pride and leadership that will help make Cape Coral a better place to live.


Joe Coviello

District 2

I have over 30 years of business experience, a strong record of community involvement and a fresh approach to Cape’s challenges. As a Business Consultant specializing in insurance, payroll, benefits and human resources I provide a valuable background for dealing with the Cape’s difficult budget and employee issues. I have a passion for moving bold ideas forward to change antiquated ordinances, streamline processes and procedures while improving our city’s image. I’m a positive leader and independent thinker with no ties to any special interest group. The only special interest group I will represent will be the citizens of Cape Coral. I will formulate policy that promotes economic development, city services and improves our quality of life.


Daniel Sheppard III

District 2

Our city is facing difficult challenges, as are so many others across the nation. The housing crisis and subsequent economic calamities have wreaked havoc on the lives and pursestrings of citizens, governments, and the business community. In a natural yet necessary struggle to preserve value in our homes, communities, services, and positions, divisions have surfaced. To successfully move forward, a divisive climate cannot prevail. Compromise is needed. A harmony between citizens, government, and the business community must be reached in order to avoid blight.


William Deile (I)

District 3

In addition to my education (BA, MBA, JD and post graduate work in political science, fine arts and education) I offer a set of values, a moral compass and a work ethic that has sustained me through both a successful military (retired Colonel, with combat tours in Vietnam and the Gulf War) and legal/management career in the private sector. I have a proven record of reform to reduce waste and the cost of government while increasing efficiencies to maintain service levels. Working together we can continue this progress to keep moving the Cape forward. Think positive, help me keep you in charge. Vote William P. Deile in District 3.


Leonard Nesta Jr.

District 3

Hello, I am Lenny Nesta. I have worked 31 years as one of your firefighters in this great city. I believe that shows my compassion for the people and my commitment to out city. I have strong family values, with a loving wife and three great young children, I know this election is a turning point in this city. Cape Coral you just need to get out to the polls and VOTE! “Progress for the future requires constructive action today” All I ask for is that you vote….


Alan Sheppard

District 3

I want to serve on Council to help solve problems with honest, logical, and sensible approaches. I am open-minded, and will always use the truth as my guideline. The main problem now, is a lack of sufficient revenue to meet our city’s needs. We are too dependent on property taxes. We need greater revenue diversification. Our city manager, the mayor, and others gloat about how they have kept taxes and the budget low, but it is really the economic collapse, the housing crash, and the accompanying plunge of our property values that gave us lower taxes! These officials have a political agenda, attempting to turn citizens against fellow citizens, who happen to belong to employee unions. They want to cut an already inadequate budget even more, perhaps sacrificing our city’s future. I want to stop this divisiveness, now!


Carlos Alvarez

District 5

My secret is that I am not a politician. I am a very considerate man that the people can trust. My desire is to represent, not just the people of Cape Coral as a whole, but to be a new positive voice, for a traditionally silent contingency of residents, my own people, the Hispanic community.

My agenda is very open. Listen and help, because I care about Cape Coral, what is happening to its people, and what is good about living in here. What you see in me now, is what you are going to get later. No-nonsense, just plain common sense.


Bennie Barnes

District 5

Compassion, common sense and integrity is what I bring to the table. I have compassion for the citizen that is pleading to Council to not rezone their neighborhood to commercial property. I won’t lose my common sense when it comes to spending taxpayers’ money, especially now,and I won’t compromise my integrity, a man’s word is his bond.

In addition, I have a vision of a prosperous city that generates most of its own revenue through means other than taxing its citizens. Alternative revenue streams and alternative energy is my vision to help entice new stable jobs into the Cape.


Rana Erbrick

District 5

Let me first say what I am not! Though I have been called all these, I am not a RAG, not a tax-and-spend liberal, and not beholden to the city Unions.

My campaign’s central points:

* I show respect for everyone – citizens, other candidates, and city employees – even when my views differ.

* I bring my knowledge, experience and my independent personal perspective to reach reasonable solutions for the issues.

* With responsibility, respect, vision and ability to find a win-win compromise, I will lead our city forward.

Please vote for me, not against someone else. Once elected, I know you will find me to have been worthy of your vote.


Richard Leon

District 5

This has been a great experience. I have gotten the chance to meet so many residents. We discussed the issues as well as possible solutions moving forward. I got to speak and meet with city staff getting the grasp of the issues that face our city. I have learned a great deal and in moving forward will use the knowledge gained to propel our city into a better future than the one laid out now. Friends, I will stand side by side with the residents, with you, these next four years and will give you the councilperson this city not only needs but deserves. I want to thank all of you who have participated and hope that all the residents get the opportunity to voice their opinion at the polls. One voice can make a difference!


James McManus

District 5

Jim McManus is the candidate who has a grasp on the problems that Cape Coral faces, the history that got us to today, and understands how to make the right decisions to move the city forward. He is a proven problem solver, communicator and decision maker. He will listen to the citizens, council and staff, do the research required, ask the right questions, consider the alternatives, and then he will professionally present his conclusion based on the facts. Please vote for Jim McManus, District 5 so he can use his experience, knowledge, and integrity to move this great city forward.


Wm. “Scott” Morris

District 5

My campaign has been positive and issue driven. Specific ideas have been proposed to address some issues we face. I promise to treat all citizens equally and with respect no matter which special interest group they may belong. Regardless of a person’s affiliation, there is one thing which unites us all. We are all residents of this great City.

It is imperative for our future, for us to concentrate on what unites us rather than what divides us. A vote for Scott Morris is a vote to build the bridge of unity needed within our community.


Charles Stanton

District 5

I have lived in Cape Coral since 1964. I have watched Cape Coral grow from a small pleasant community to the city it is now. Most people that live in Cape Coral have come from somewhere else. People moved to Cape Coral because Cape Coral was a pleasant place to live, I would like to see Cape Coral become a pleasant place to live again.

In 1970 the residents of Cape Coral voted to incorporate and make Cape Coral a better place to live. Cape Coral has changed a lot over the past 40 years, and will continue to change on into the future. When changes are made, they need to be made without losing the integrity on which this city was built. Help bring Cape Coral back to a pleasant place to live, work and grow. KEEP IT REAL


Derrick Donnell

District 7

Respect, reasonableness, honesty and a consistent voting record. I have always been respectful to every person that I have encountered. I have purposed to always be reasonable. Regardless of the issue, I have always responded with complete honesty. My voting record as a whole and especially on critical issues is clear. Specifically, I voted FOR the appointment in District #5 to be the RUNNER-UP who received 49 percent of the residents’ vote. I voted FOR a DIFFERENT city manager. I voted FOR the UEP. I voted AGAINST the incentive contract for the city manager. I voted AGAINST the current millage rate.


Michael Garr

District 7

Image, Representation to all residents and Stewardship are three things I would want voters to take to the poll. Cape Coral has a black eye from the housing market fall. I want to make it a destination for people once again. As a councilman, I will represent all residents not a special interest group. I believe the city needs good stewardship when it comes to our tax money and handle it with care. I believe we can overcome our differences within the city. I believe we can increase our economic development by attracting more people to our wonderful city. Semper Fi


David Stokes

District 7

I hope the voters are receiving my message of a positive man who has real economic development ideas to bring new business to Cape Coral. I hope they see a candidate who wants to reduce the taxes on the residents by increasing tourism and customers to the businesses in Cape Coral. I hope that they see a candidate who has dedicated his life to helping others. In my off duty time to community involvement including initiating and running a cancer benefit and coaching Pop Warner football. I hope they see a resident who will Move Cape Coral Forward.


Erica Warren

District 7

I have a vision for the future of Cape Coral. Average working families and citizens deserve a voice in the decisions that are made for them and I will bring honor and integrity to the office while representing and serving all of the residents in our city, not just the residents with the loudest voices. I believe my unique educational background in Environmental Science and my dedication to public service makes me an excellent choice for Cape Coral City Council District 7. It’s time for change in our Cape Coral; please exercise your right and VOTE!”