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King: Tightened controls results in less fuel usage

By Staff | Aug 29, 2011

City Manager Gary King said the city’s fuel usage dropped by 63,000 gallons between May and July of this year as a result of tightening the city’s fuel controls.

Along with utilizing a better price through the city’s new fuel vendor Evans Oil, King said the city can save as much $285,000 annually, based on the current market price.

Recently released work papers from the fuel audit conducted by Lee County showed that a Cape Coral police sergeant discovered what he felt were deficiencies in the software provided by SCI Distribution, which sold the software to the city in 2003.

King said the issue had nothing to do with faulty software but instead faulty management, which did not properly protect or maintain the city’s fuel database.

The city manager added that no attempt was made to conceal information when the final audit report was released in June.

“I’m at a loss why we have citizens and council members suggesting we are covering something up,” King said. “The new system and controls will be fully upgraded in a few weeks this has been a very successful program.”

King said SCI approached the city several times through the years in an effort to have Cape Coral upgrade the software.

Councilmember Marty Mc-Clain said he wished more emphasis was put on the the police sergeant’s findings.

“I feel council should have been provided more information to get the full picture,” McClain added.

Mayor John Sullivan said more focus needs to be paid to the doubling of the city’s fuel usage between 20062010, not the software or the findings of the sergeant.

“We’re in the weeds on this,” Sullivan said.

Meanwhile, King said the city’s former fuel vendor, Stryker, was “routinely” overcharging the city.

Cape Coral recently demanded an audience with Stryker concerning possible overpayment but City Spokeswoman Connie Barron said the matter “has not yet been resolved.”