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A very good idea

By Staff | Aug 25, 2011

To the editor,

Phil Urion’s Aug. 19th opinion in our Captiva Current proclaimed Sept. 18th CCMI’s Captiva Triathlon a bad idea! Phil obviously didn’t know CCMI’s Triathlon is a fundraiser for Fort Myers food bank and related services. I appreciate his bringing it attention.

Those who do know, appreciate the organizers’ prudent planning for minimal disruption. September 18 is arguably one of Captiva’s slowest traffic days.

There is some inconvenience for two early hours Sunday the 18th. But what “higher power” would not commend getting up earlier or even forgive our missing services once as a sacrifice to help feed hungry kids. Personally, I’m offering to provide breakfast that day to anyone needing off-Captiva activity before the race to help minimize disruption.

Ironically, your Aug. 19th issue carried a piece re: bare cupboards of Sanibel’s F.I.S.H. Along with CCMI, they aren’t alone among Lee County’s challenged food banks. Both article and opinion inspired me to discover how critical hunger can be for families who eat only by the grace of God. They depend more on food banks; summers are harder on such families since schools lack usual opportunities to provide even one square meal daily. Hospitality, farm and food service workers often have less gainful employment in the summer and early fall. These neighbors in Lee County necessarily have higher summer demand which strains food banks. The greater need these days is unmatched with less than normal generosity from snowbirds and others who are now up north or on vacation.

Isn’t it obvious with county unemployment near 11 percent; erstwhile employable workers are seeking greener pastures and are no longer included in our unemployment statistics. Many service workers suffer as food, clothing and essentials become increasingly unaffordable. On Captiva and Sanibel, we can an least acknowledge it is better to give than to receive. It is a good idea to recognize the hungry; a reality of our great recession. Better than most, the more affluent know economic results and prognostications are less than sanguine

Generosity, health, help and community are good ideas. This race is a very good idea

Mike Mullins