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Kayaking spotlighted at Northwest library

By Staff | Aug 22, 2011

A new exhibit at the Northwest Regional Library is putting the spotlight on kayaking.

The Calusa Blueway Interactive Exhibit opened last week and will run through Oct. 1. It features a collection of equipment used by paddlers and Blueway enthusiasts, prize-winning nature photographs from previous Calusa Blueway Paddling Festivals and interactive presentations with a list of speakers.

Annie Wagner, a library associate who helped organize the display in the 800-square-foot space, said staffers try to bring in to the Cape different types of exhibits, including national and traveling ones.

“We’re also trying to spotlight some of our local organizations,” she said Saturday.

Visitors can attend presentations on the Calusa Indians, the civilization that populated the region approximately 13,000 years ago, as well as bird watching, ecology, geocaching, kayaking and stand-up paddling, marine wildlife and the 190-mile public waterway known as the Great Calusa Paddling Trail.

Also scheduled is a hands-on introduction to kayaking for families.

“The library is all about providing information,” Wagner said. “We also want to highlight what’s going on in our community, the resources in our community.”

While the exhibit is on display, the library is holding a daily trivia contest with prizes that include gift certifications for paddling related tours and activities. Four overall winners also will be chosen.

Wagner said patrons seem to be enjoying the new exhibit.

“The kids love it,” she said.

Check the library’s schedule for the dates and times of the presentations.

For more information about the Calusa Blueway Interactive Exhibit, visit the website: www.lee-county.com/library or call 479-INFO (4636). The Northwest Regional Library is at 519 Chiquita Blvd. N.