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First class to graduate from Lehigh theological seminary

By Staff | Aug 22, 2011

The ABM University Theological Seminary, the only college in Lehigh Acres, will hold its first graduation Monday, Aug. 29, at 7:30 a.m. at the college located at 3507 Lee Blvd.

“Not a lot of people know we have a college here in Lehigh Acres,” said its founder, Angel Braham. She is also the CEO of Angel Braham Ministries Inc., which owns and operates and provides oversight to ABM University Theological Seminary.

The college is licensed through the Florida Department of Education and has been open since September of 2010.

It’s occupies several thousand square feet on the second floor of the same building on Lee Blvd. that houses Eyes Centers of Florida.

“This building is fairly new and it is very nice. We have good neighbors in here and this area on the second floor is where we conduct our college classes, our business and also our worship services on Sundays which we call Praise Sundays,” Braham said.

On Aug. 29, the ABM University Theological Seminary will graduate eight students, all receiving degrees in Christian Counseling, which will lead many into pastoring of churches and others into various other church and religious positions. The college is authorized to bestow both bachelor of arts and associate in arts degrees at present.

The main speaker for the graduation ceremony will be Bishop Anthony J. Hatcher who is with the Apostle and Overseer of the World of Faith Outreach Christian Center and the World of Faith Covenant Ministries International where he partners in ministry with his wife, Pastor Charlene Hatcher at the headquarters in Rockledge, Fla.

He is known as a premier leader in establishing churches by utilizing the powerful medium of apostolic authority.

Braham said he is a multi-faceted leader reaching all aspects of the community and his multi-gifts have caused him to be sought after by diverse leaders from all different ethnic backgrounds to address religious, business, political, civic and educational issues.

He has a Ph.D. in Doctorate of Religious Studies from Tabernacle Bible College. He was named president of Brevard Christian University.

The first graduates from the Lehigh college are: Guerda Bornelus, Ildet Jean Louis, Jean Apdala Dorval and Torra Harris, who all will be awarded their bachelor of arts degree in Christian Counseling. Those receiving associate in arts degrees in Christian Counseling include Monica Roebuck, Sandra Walker, Lashay Russ and Allarius Russ.

Pastor Angel, as she is known to students and to the congregation of the church, said she moved to Lehigh from Clewiston.

“I like it here in Lehigh and when I am out in the public and people hear that there is a college in Lehigh, they are surprised and proud,” she said.

Braham began a career in the ministry when she was 22. She successfully pastored and founded the Community Worship Center in Clewiston from 2004-2010.

Under her leadership she was able to build a worship center from the ground up, author three book and successfully start ABM Elite Ladies Society, a women’s ministry for professional women of God, looking to build themselves and each other and the community.

She is married to Kabul Braham and they are parents of three children, Zechariah, Destiny and Caley.

She first moved to Fort Myers, she said, and then later opened the college in Lehigh Acres.

The ministry and religious studies comes naturally to Braham. Her father is a pastor and her mother is an evangelist. On Sundays she pastors what she calls “Praise Sundays,” where there is a live band and from 30 to 40 adult members. The children attend their own special worship services in another room.

“As word spreads, I think we are going to grow,” she said “We can definitely see expansion here.”

Presently the college holds courses in Christian Counseling and also holds classes for nursing assistants. Classes begin every few weeks and those who graduate must take a state exam to become certified.

“We’re proud of our college and our first class of eight graduates who will be making history as the first graduates from a college in Lehigh,” Braham said.

Braham will be the mistress of the graduation ceremony. A processional will follow with class reflections by some of the graduates and musical interludes to follow.

Braham holds various degrees and educational training in the fields of theology, nursing, business and entrepreneurial-ship.

She’s been called a trail blazer for this generation and sets a new standard wherever she goes.

ABM has decided to keep training tuition and costs affordable and vows to help clients gain the skills and knowledge to become self-sufficient and obtain the education needed for the career path of their choice. ABM University & Theological Seminary is recognized by the Florida Department of Education as a religious institution for post-secondary adult education and has meets the requirements of Florida’s State law for private religious colleges.