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City: Results of SCI review of modified fuel logger are inconclusive

By Staff | Aug 22, 2011

Results of an official review of a “modified” fuel logger device found in the trunk of a city vehicle are inconclusive, Cape Coral officials said in a prepared statement issued Monday afternoon.

SCI Distribution, the original supplier of the equipment, performed an analysis on the device but was unable to make any firm determination about when, where or who may have used the device, the release states.

The city still has concerns.

“Though the results were inconclusive, SCI did find that the device had numerous power resets, which indicates repeated usage,” said City Manager Gary King in the statement. “The information extracted from the device was partial and corrupted data, and SCI only could confirm that unreported fuel usage likely occurred.”

The discovery of the fuel logger in the trunk of a city-owned vehicle a few weeks ago drew the attention of the city administration since these devices usually are permanently installed at fueling stations to track fuel usage and not used as portable devices, officials said, adding modifying the device to replace a key connection with a toggle switch created an opportunity for the dispensing of fuel without authorization or detection.

While there is no clear and certain evidence that unauthorized dispensing of fuel occurred, no city staff person has come forward to offer any explanation for the existence of the modified logger or the reasons for its usage, the city release states.

“It is important for our citizens to know that the City is nearing completion of a full upgrade of the fuel management system, which will eliminate future risks of unauthorized fuel usage,” added King. “We are moving forward with a better management system.”

Source: City of Cape Coral