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Parkway resurfacing nearly finished

By Staff | Aug 17, 2011

The resurfacing of Cape Coral Parkway is expected to wrap up earlier than originally planned, with mid-September as the new target date.

It was originally announced that the project would likely be done in late fall, but a weekend paving schedule, night work and work done at non-peak hours have helped to move the project along swiftly.

“With an aggressive schedule, and working with the community, we were able to get in and get it done,” said Maricelle Venegas, spokeswoman for the project. “We were able to minimize the impact to the community.”

Signalization work is set to begin Monday, Aug. 22, according to Venegas, at the intersections of Leonard Street and Vincennes Boulevard.

Drivers can expect delays between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., although all lanes will remain open during the work.

Venegas added that it took two weekends to do the paving work, which consisted of milling the asphalt followed by resurfacing of the roadway.

Coordinating the work was an effort of the Community Redevelopment Agency, the city and the contractor, Venegas said.

Mother nature was also very cooperative.

“Everyone was on the same page and there were not weather hiccups,” she added.

CRA Economic Development Manager Helen Ramey said she is impressed by the speed in which the work was accomplished.

“Its been seamless,” Ramey said. “They tore up the road on Friday, worked all weekend and come Monday it was business as usual.”

Ramey said the CRA broadcasted news of the work to businesses along the parkway and in the vicinity.

She said local businesses didn’t have any issues with the speed or the scope of the work and there were no traffic problems.

“I didn’t witness anything different from the usual traffic flow. They did a fabulous job,” Ramey added.