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$10,000 worth of office equipment taken from Cape business

By Staff | Aug 16, 2011

A Cape Coral aluminium company is again the victim of a burglary, with the thieves stealing more than $10,000 worth of office equipment this time.

On Monday, police responded to a report of a commercial burglary at U-Build-It Aluminum, at 741 Del Prado Blvd., S. The owner of the business stated that a trailer at the rear of the building that serves as an office was burglarized.

The man said that trailer was last known to be secure Saturday afternoon.

According to a report, the stolen items included a Cannon copier, a HP fax machine, a Brother fax machine, a HP network printer, a coffee maker, two Dell monitors and a Sony monitor, two flash drives, a backup hard drive for an external speaker, two NPC battery backups and an external CD drive.

Three boxes of miscellaneous office supplies were also missing.

The stolen items are valued at about $10,035 total, the report states.

Police observed that the trailer’s door had been pried open and that desk drawers, filing cabinets and storage cabinets had been rummaged through.

The owner provided the name of a possible suspect, a man whose presence at the business has reportedly coincided with at least one prior burglary.

Since January of last year, at least four similar incidents have been reported at the business.

In September, the owner reported that he arrived at the business to find a roll of wire on the ground and a piece of plywood removed from from the side of the building. Several items were gone, including a concrete saw, a pancake air compressor, a gas generator, some wires and partial rolls of wires.

The stolen items were valued at about $2,196, according to a police report.

The month before, the man contacted police and reported that he arrived at the business to find a temporary wooden wall had been forced inward, as if it had been kicked. Inside the business, spools of electrical wiring were missing.

The stolen wiring was valued at about $4,353, according to a police report.

In May, the rear door to the business had been pried open and about $1,170 worth of power tools were stolen. The owner reported in January about $650 in items were stolen from the aluminium company, according to the reports.

The owner could not be reached for comment Tuesday.