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Mayor’s attempt to restart auditor selection process rejected

By Staff | Aug 15, 2011

Days removed from a six-hour deliberation that ended with City Council selecting Margaret Krym as Cape Coral’s auditor, Mayor John Sullivan said Monday he wants to start the process all over again because it was “flawed.”

After thinking about the selection process – which included three deadlocked votes, two rounds of questioning and a failed motion to re-advertise the job – Sullivan said it didn’t “feel right.”

“It should have been more decisive,” Sullivan said. “I’ve never quite seen anything like that from this council.”

Although there were three finalists for the job, council locked in on two candidates: Interim Auditor Margaret Krym, and Lesia Johnson, auditor for the city of Atlanta.

The dais was literally split down the middle, with Council-members Erick Kuehn, Bill Deile, Pete Brandt and Sullivan wanting Krym; and Councilmembers Chris Chulakes-Leetz, Kevin McGrail, Marty McClain and Derrick Donnell all supporting Johnson.

The impasse on council ended when McGrail switched his vote to support Krym.

McGrail maintained that switching his vote was a show of support for Krym, who has served in the interim capacity since June 2010.

McGrail said jettisoning the applicants and starting the process anew would be unfair to Krym, who has served the city well during her time under the interim label.

“Based on the level of service provided to the city by Margaret Kyrm she earned my respect and I didn’t want to see this process redone,” he added.

Sullivan found little support for re-advertising the position and starting all over again.

Kuehn scoffed at the idea.

“I find it hard to believe after six hours and multiple debates we are considering bringing this forth one more time,” Kuehn said.

n In other news, City Council will decide next week to hire Gabriel, Roeder, Smith and Company for $85,000 as consultants for Pension and OPEB reform.

n Council will also make a decision next week to fund a second phase of road paving in Northwest Cape Coral for $350,000.

According to Public Works Director Steve Neff, the roads in question are badly in need of repair.