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Cape Hospital has new chief administrative officer

By Staff | Aug 13, 2011

A new chief administrative officer has assumed the helm at Cape Coral Hospita.

Chief Administrative Officer Scott Kashman, who moved to the community with his wife and three children two weeks ago, replaces Doug Luckett, who accepted a hospital position in another state.

Kashman will oversee the day-to-day operations of Cape Coral Hospital and is responsible for its overall performance.

Although he heard about the position through a recruiter, he said he already was familiar with the Lee Memorial Health System due to its good reputation nationally.

“This is really a shining star community hospital,” Kashman said about Cape Coral Hospital.

In addition, he said he also heard about Lee Memorial Health System through a Healthcare Performance Group that dealt with focus and safety through the previous hospital for which he worked.

As the new chief administrative officer he said his goal is to continue to have a premier community hospital for Cape Coral residents. He said Cape Coral Hospital belongs to the community, which they take great pride in.

I want “people to really feel that they have the premier community hospital in their backyard,” Kashman said.

He said he wants the community to know that if they need care they are going to the safest hospital where they will have a good experience.

Kashman will work with the community and its leaders to make sure Cape Coral is playing a part in maintaining its health status.

“This is our community hospital and we are extremely proud of it,” he said.

Since his official start date of last Wednesday, Kashman has made daily rounds to get a chance to meet as many people as possible during the employees different shifts at the hospital.

The new chief administrative officer originally started his health care career as a mental health counselor 20 years ago. After that he began looking into health care administration because he really enjoyed the health and business aspect.

Before coming to Cape Coral he worked in several hospitals, including hospitals in New Orleans, Ohio, along with St. Joseph Medical Center in Kansas City, Mo. where he also served as the chief executive officer.

He received a master’s degree in health administration from Tulane University and a bachelor of science degree in psychology from the University of Pittsburgh.

“Personally we are looking forward to being a part of the Cape community,” he said due to his family living in the community. “Cape Coral will be our hospital as well.”

In July 1977, Cape Coral Hospital opened its doors for the community and joined the Lee Memorial Health System in 1996.