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Offshore Sailing School offers free eBook

By Staff | Aug 11, 2011

Last month, Offshore Sailing School announced the debut of a free eBook entitled “Learn To Sail 15 Things You Need To Know.” The eBook provides tips and information for the novice sailor, as well as for those who would like to simply gain more knowledge about the world of sailing.

“Over the 47 years we have been teaching sailing, some questions continually pop up from clients contemplating taking a sailing course,” explained Offshore Sailing School’s CEO and President, Doris Colgate. “This book answers some of those questions with added sailing tips.”

“Learn To Sail 15 Things You Need To Know” begins by defining sailing, taking the reader through the history, the physics, and the evolution of the sport. It discusses how the term “sport” may not be a true definition to most sailors, as sailing has a way of becoming more of a “lifestyle.” The eBook then touches on some of the essentials and basics of learning to sail. It includes tips and resources about proper preparation and research that a novice sailor should conduct before taking a sailing course. It also reviews various courses offered by Offshore Sailing School, and explains the importance of choosing a course that fits an individual’s sailing goals and desires, while staying within one’s budget.

This eBook is a valuable resource and a quick read for those who are doing preliminary research about the basics of sailing. It is highly recommended for anyone who is searching for exhilarating adventure travel while pursuing sailing courses and lessons.

For those who wish to gain more in-depth knowledge about sailing, they have several published books available at the Offshore Store, including “Fast Track To Sailing,” “Fast Track To Cruising” and “Sailing: A Woman’s Guide.” Each title will be available on wireless reading devices such as the Kindle in the near future.

“Learn To Sail 15 Things You Need To Know” is currently available and free to download at www.offshoresailing.com/sailing-tips/free-ebook.aspx.

Offshore Sailing School is America’s #1 Sailing School, with seven locations along the Eastern seaboard of the U.S. and the Caribbean: three on the west coast of Florida (including Captiva and Fort Myers Beach), the British Virgin Islands, on Chesapeake Bay, and in New Jersey and New York City. The school offers lessons and courses in catamaran sailing and cruising, live aboard cruising, and bareboat sailing and cruising.

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