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Manager submits suggested incentives plan

By Staff | Aug 9, 2011

City Manager Gary King has submitted his suggested incentives plan for city council consideration. The proposal calls for up to $27,500 in performance pay should he achieve each of the 11 objectives outlined. King proposes that he not be penalized should council shift the objectives next year and asks that he receive the full incentive-based compensation called for for a particular objective regardless of how council may choose to assign credit for its success.

“Should council reprioritize, redirect or not approve any of the above initiatives during the next year, then the incentive value will be awarded to the City Manager, unless an alternative initiative and value is substituted by written mutual agreement,” King wrote in the proposed objectives memo dated Monday and sent to all members of council. “Should an objective be met, the City Manager is entitled to the full value of the incentive, regardless of participation by other parties. Objectives that are exceeded may be considered for additional credit in place of other objectives that are not fully met.”

A handwritten note on the memo has the objectives proposal listed as an administrative discussion item for city council consideration on Aug. 15.