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Companies merge to form SWFL Real Estate Group

By Staff | Aug 6, 2011

Three local real estate companies have merged to form SWFL Real Estate Group, combining development, Realtors and construction as a one-stop shop for all home buying needs.

The move brings together Premier Properties, Aranda Homes and Gulfstyle Realty.

“It made sense from a business perspective,” said Roger Schutt, managing partner of Premier Properties. “You have a company with experience in development, another entity in the building business for 35 years and a real estate agency with a good mix of experienced agents.”

Premier Properties launched “Celebration Cape” more than a year ago, and, at the time, it was one first new construction projects in the city.

Premier also recently acquired controlling interest in “Calusa Ridge” on Pine Island, where Schutt said he is already looking at 12 deals for new construction.

Those projects are unique to the SWFL Real Estate Group, Schutt said, offering customers options that other companies can’t.

“We have communities we can offer that other builders aren’t in,” Schutt said.

Premier Properties has been operating in the city since 1996; Aranda Homes has been in business since 1976; and Gulfstyle Realty has been operating since 1990, according to a press release.

Now known as SWFL Real Estate Group, their new headquarters will be at 917 N.E. 7th St. in Cape Coral and will house the three divisions known as SWFL Builders, SWFL Homes and SWFL Realty Group.

Their new headquarters also will include a design center, title company and mortgage brokerage services. A rental and property management division also is in development, according to a press release.

The newly merged company is all about giving buyers opportunities in one place, and, whether you’re from out of town or local, SWFL Real Estate Group will help you find what you’re looking for, according to Schutt.

“This is a good model for our customers and it gives us synergy under one roof,” Schutt added. “It gives us the ability to make quicker, more informed decisions and to run with opportunities that might present themselves.”

SWFL Builders can be reached at 563-2611. SWFL Homes can be reached at 283-4440. And SWFL Realty Group can be reached at 945-4444.