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‘Florida Untamed’ showcases beauty through wildlife, landscape art

By Staff | Aug 3, 2011

"Cayo Costa #3" by photographic artist John Brady.

The Naples Art Association is pleased to present its newest exhibition titled “Florida Untamed” featuring more than 30 works of art in color photography and wood sculpture. On display at Physician’s Regional Healthcare System, located at 6101 Pine Ridge Road on the second floor atrium lobby, this exhibition features work by John Brady, Dennis Goodman and Bill Robinson. This exhibition is on display now through Nov. 14, 2011.

Through countless hours of observation and interaction, these artists are able to capture the beauty of South Florida’s ecosystem. From coastal beaches, to mangrove edged bays, to pine uplands and Everglades wetlands, this exhibition showcases Florida’s wild and untamed places. These artists encounter black bears, poisonous snakes, pythons, gators and millions of mosquitoes all in search of the perfect subject matter in its natural habitat.

“My photography is my escape,” said Brady. “Some people enjoy books, I enjoy being in the wilderness with my camera. Everything slows down and your senses are heightened.”

Brady received his first camera at the age of 12 and has been capturing images for more than 40 years. He shoots throughout Florida but locally hikes by foot or travels by boat deep into the Everglades and Big Cypress Swamp Sanctuary to capture some of Florida’s most elusive scenes.

Goodman has been pursuing his love of photography for over 20 years. After traveling through water and mud up to his waist for the perfect shot, he affectionately describes his work as a hunt for treasure.

“It is a spiritual expedition to see nature untouched,” said Goodman. “The emotion that goes through you is worth the risk you encounter when seeking your subject matter.”

Master carver Robinson developed his love of wood carving at the age of twelve by creating duck and fish decoys. He spent years in the automotive industry in Detroit, Mich. working on cars, but his passion has always been carving wildlife.

This exhibition is free to the public and on view through Nov. 14, Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

For more information, call 239-262-6517, visit naplesart.org, follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/vonliebigcenter or Twitter at twitter.com/vonliebigart.