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Poco Loco makes addition to its latest line of worldwide organic coffee blends

By Staff | Jul 29, 2011

Poco Loco co-owner Susan Reynolds displays the latest edition of the PocoLocales line of gourmet coffee with manager Jonathon Stephens. The Kenya AA organic coffee bean is just one of four representing each of the world's most famous coffee regions.

For those who consider themselves coffee connoisseurs and not just coffee drinkers, there is a new organic coffee bean available exclusively at Poco Loco Sanibel. The coffeehouse known for its emphasis on the freshest coffee beans has added the Kenya AA organic to its lineup of single-origin coffees called PocoLocales, which debuted earlier this year.

The coffee touts a strong robust flavor with higher acidity than the Costa Rican Tarrazu or the Mandehling, hailing from Sumatra. Since the beans were grown near macadamia plants on the Kia Ora Plantation in Kenya, many master cuppers thought it added a nutty flavor. Poco Loco owners Paul and Susan Reynolds said they are always looking for organic coffee beans, which have been produced without the use of pesticides or herbicides and are shade grown.

“It is very important to us,” added Paul.

However, non-organic coffee is typically higher yielding because it is not usually shade grown. The definition of certified organic coffee can be extended to include an emphasis on recycling, composting, soil health and protection of the environment.

Paul and Susan, along with Poco Loco manager Jonathon Stephens, feel consumer awareness has driven the organic move. “It’s a raising of social consciousness,” Susan noted.

While all of the gourmet coffees in the PocoLocales line are organic, shade grown and fair trade certified, the most important aspect is the beans have come from communities that have been built on growing coffee. However, many coffee drinkers routinely do not know what pedigree of bean makes up their cup of joe or when the beans were roasted.

According to Poco Loco’s customer pledge, every bag they sell has been roasted within the last couple of days. Even more critical is grinding the beans, and you will never find a bag of coffee in the shop where the beans are already ground.

“We do that for our customers at the last moment to achieve our freshness requirements,” the web site states. “We take our products this seriously because discerning customers will know the difference.”

The Kenya AA organic is just one of four representing each of the world’s most famous coffee regions: Africa, Central America, the Islands, and South America. Poco Loco is also home to the original Sanibel Blend, sold exclusively there and created by master cupper and coffee roaster Ed Miller.

“They are some of the smoothest, richest and most sought-after coffee beans grown anywhere,” said Paul.

Customers can enjoy Poco Loco’s exclusive Sanibel Blend Coffee and Palazzolo artisanal gelato at the caf in Jerry’s Plaza or outdoors, where Sanibel’s prettiest tropical setting and the exotic parrots await your discovery. The coffeehouse-gelato-shop offers also fresh sandwiches and pastries, as well as Poco Loco souvenirs. And, of course, there is free Wi-Fi.

To get your freshly ground bag of Kenya AA organic coffee for just $7.99, visit Poco Loco at 1700 Periwinkle Way, in Jerry’s Plaza, or order it online at www.pocolocosanibel.com.