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John Miehle withdraws from the race for City of Cape Coral Council, District 2

By Staff | Jul 25, 2011

Candidate John Miehle has withdrawn from the race for City of Cape Coral Council, District 2.
His statement, released late Monday reads:
After careful consideration and recent events, I have decided to withdraw as a candidate for City Council.
I entered the race in April because I didn’t like and still don’t like, the direction the city is moving in. Last April, I was the only alternative candidate for a change in that direction from my district. Things have changed since then and there are now two other candidates added to the District 2 slate who share my same views on where we are as a city and what it will take to move us forward.
In the coming primary, the two highest vote recipients move on to the ge neral election in November. In order not to fragment the vote, I have made the decision to withdraw and request that you support either of two candidates, non incumbents, John Carioscia and Joe Coviello so both can move forward to the General Election. I feel both of these gentlemen would make fine leaders and get us moving in the right direction.
This is my decision and my decision alone. I would like to thank everyone who has complimented me with their support. I would like to also acknowledge my daughter/campaign manager, Stacie Harmon, who has endless energy and created events and opportunities to meet the public that have not been used in any previous campaigns I have ever seen.
With that said, there is an upcoming event which was called the Miehle Mini Golf – “TEE UP and VOTE” Putt-Putt Invitational. Rather than call off the event, my campaign manager thinks we should continue, I agree but with a name change to the Community Mini Golf – “TEE UP and VOTE Putt Putt Invitational. The coming election will bring new faces, however, the council alone cannot make the changes necessary to move us forward. It will have to be a combination of the council, city staff, city business owners, community groups and neighborhood associations to name a few. The goal of this event is to start that process and have as many of those groups participate as possible, candidates especially, and make this a community forum.
The event will be held at the Cape Coral Yacht Club and Community Park on Saturday, August 6, 2011 from 10am-2pm. Local businesses, including Sweetbay Supermarket, Brew Babies Garden Bistro, Stephen Todd, Inc., Raso Realty, The Lawton Group, Cape Coral Plumbing, Castle Harbour Homes, Envy Salon, StellaPINK.com, Ninth Wave Motivation and many others have been invited to build/sponsor their own miniature golf hole. Picture examples are available. Call to reserve your sponsorship.
Registration will begin at 9:30am. The cost to participate is $7 per golfer or $25 per group of 4. All ages are welcome. Hot Dogs, fresh squeezed lemonade and more will be available for purchase from The Big Squeeze. All golfer’s will be given a score card, a putter and ball. Golfers can also vote on the homemade holes for Most Creative, Most Humorous, Most Difficult. Candidates are welcome to set up their campaign material and meet the public.
The other reason for this event is to bring families together for a quick, fun round of miniature golf before kids head back to school. It is also to encourage residents to vote and remind those voters that 4 minutes in the voting booth can and will affect the next 4 years of your life in here in Cape Coral. Please join us.
For more information contact: Stacie Harmon 239-560-3550 or log onto the event’s page at
John Miehle

Source: Campaign for John Miehle