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Cape police warn: Be on your guard online

By Staff | Jul 23, 2011

Lt. Tony Sizemore, spokesman for the Cape Coral Police Department, said scams involving online dating websites are not commonly reported in the city.
Sizemore said the closest instance that he could recall was a case where a guy met a girl online through a social networking website. The guy planned a date and when he took her out, the man’s friend burglarized the woman’s home.
More commonly reported online scams in the city involve cases where a residence is burglarized and items are sold online. In another scam, burglars meet online sellers at their home on the lie that they are interested in an item, but really they are scoping out the home for a possible burglary.
“That we’ve seen,” Sizemore said.
He advised that Internet users should always keep their guard up.
Do not tell someone you just met online where you live.
“If you’re going to meet somebody, meet in a public area,” Sizemore said. “Not only is there scam issues, but some personal safety issues.”
If you are selling items online, try to avoid letting potential buyers into your home. If possible, take the item to a public place, or show the item outside of your home so they cannot see what you have of value inside your residence.
“Be careful letting every guy and gal check it out,” he said.
When using the Internet, in general, do not put personal information online that could target you as a victim, such as you are leaving on vacation.
“Whether it’s a piece of jewelry or an item for sale, or a human being to meet, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is,” Sizemore said.