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Sanibel boasts 15 snowy plover, two Wilson’s plover nests

By Staff | Jul 22, 2011

A pair of snowy plover chicks.

There have been 15 snowy plover nests identified so far this year. There are 11 fledglings from five nests; last year, there were only seven fledglings for the whole season.

One nest has one chick (a second chick was lost, probably to predation). Seven nests have been predated, including Nest 15; one had eggs that were not viable; one was washed out and then predated.

There have been two Wilson’s plover nests spotted in 2011. One has hatched, with three chicks and a second nest has fledged three chicks.

Nesting season will continue until mid-August and it is important that beachgoers help to protect these endangered shorebirds.

Also, at last check on July 12, the least tern colony on Captiva had an estimated 21 nests and six chicks.