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Protect your AC investment during hurricane season

By Staff | Jul 12, 2011

An air conditioner that had been blown off its post during Hurricane Charley.

We are in the month of July, approaching the height of the hurricane season and it’s essential to be prepared. In addition to having a hurricane action plan, Sanibel Air Conditioning recommends that homeowners also make sure to secure their air conditioning systems.

If anyone remembers Hurricane Charley, the crew at Sanibel Air Conditioning remembers it too well. In the aftermath of Charley, they spent many hours driving their trucks around the islands, looking for what they refer to as “hangers.”

“We always try to remind homeowners that they should secure their air conditioners,” said Todd Hayes. “There were so many of these hangers after Charley and we spent a tremendous amount of time cutting them down.”

“Hangers” are air conditioning units that get blown off their support posts or roofs and that end up dangling off side of a house by their piping. Those that get completely blown off can get damaged to almost beyond recognition. After Charley, the fact that these 200- to 300-pound pieces of equipment were hanging by mere threads at many of the islands’ residencies led to city officials to allow the full crew of Sanibel Air to re-enter Sanibel prior to the general public’s return.

To secure the units, hurricane straps can be added to your system when preparing your home for a storm, explained Hayes. It’s important that the stand is in good condition and that the electric and refrigerant lines are also properly secured.

“You spend a lot of money having these systems installed and maintained, so it’s essential to protect your investment and avoid coming home to an unpleasant situation,” added Hayes.

For up-to-date hurricane information and guides, visit the City of Sanibel’s website at www.mysanibel.com/Departments/Police-including-Emergency-Management/Hurricane-Emergency-Management.

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