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Sorbet is added to the list of Lime-elo products

By Staff | Jul 8, 2011

This pint-sized Lime-elo sorbet is now available at Vicki’s Sweet Things in Fort Myers and coming soon to Bailey’s General Store. This exotic citrus fruit dubbed Lime-elo was born in the backyard of Sanibel resident Steve Maxwell, when he discovered two of his fruit trees had crossed-produced.

Lime-elo, a 21st century fruit born on Sanibel, is now available by the pints as sorbet. But there is nothing pint-sized about the flavor of this natural wonder.

Nearly four years ago, Sanibel resident Steve Maxwell was amazed to discover that two fruit trees in his backyard had somehow produced a naturally germinated hybrid between a key lime and a Mineola tangelo honeybell. Since the discovery of the plant — he christened the Lime-elo — Maxwell’s natural wonder is bearing its own fruits with the recent launch of several baked goods, which have incorporated the one-of-a-kind sweet, but tart, flavors.

Chef and owner of Fort Myers-based Vicki’s Sweet Things Cakery and Creamery, Vicki DelBagno created the initial line up of cakes, cookies and barbecue sauce featuring Maxwell’s Sanibel Lime-elo. She is also the master behind the creation of the Lime-elo sorbet, which can be found in her shop at 15675 McGregor Blvd.

“It’s very refreshing,” said DelBagno about the sorbet. “When it’s hot outside, it’s kind of like a tall glass of lemonade.”

According to DelBagno, she began working with the unique fruit after Maxwell stopped in her shop one day and began talking about Lime-elo with some of her employees. The two of them decided to put their resources together and introduce some products featuring the newly discovered citrus.

“I thought the fruit was interesting and was excited to use it,” said DelBagno, who is a Johnson & Wales University graduate and interned with Norman Love Confections.

Already, the sorbet has been an enjoyable success – out selling DelBagno’s popular Triple Berry sorbet by the gallons. The next stop for Lime-elo sorbet is the shelves of Bailey’s General Store, which will start carrying the naturally sweet-and-tart treat next week.

However, DelBagno’s edible treats are no stranger to Sanibel Island. She produces the “mermaid” series of cakes for Bailey’s, which she also offers at her store in the Island Plaza.

Currently, Vicki’s Sweet Things also produces the Lime-elo cookie, tart and both miniature and full-sized bundt cake. The Sanibel Café now offers the Lime-elo barbecue sauce, which DelBagno says is excellent for chicken or steak.

“It gives food a little zip,” she said.

DelBagno noted she has already received positive feedback about the other baked goodies she has produced with the exotic fruit and is excited to see what other masterpieces she can create with Maxwell’s Sanibel Lime-elo.