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ArtPoems returns to BIG ARTS for summer exhibit

By Staff | Jun 23, 2011

Choice, acrylic on canvas by Shelia Hoen, accompanies poetry by Linda Mary Mashie

ArtPoems, Southwest Florida’s collaborative, trans-media poetry and art exhibit, is currently on display in BIG ARTS Founders Gallery now through Aug. 23.

A group of 11 artists in tandem with 11 poets collaborated to produce poems inspired by artworks and, conversely, artworks inspired by poems. Writers composed 17 poems, sonnets, ballads, and free verse for the paired paintings, sculptures, photography, and mixed media artwork.

Collaborating visual artists are Pam Brodersen, David King, James Hixson, Sheila Hoen, Dennis Joyce, Doug MacGregor, Don Maurer, Andy McCarter, Joshua Myers, J.R. Roberts and Paul Rodino. James Brock, Carol Drummond, Katelyn Gravel, Sandy Greco, Tanya Hochschild, Linda Mary Mashie, Joe Pachecco, Katie Pankow, Sidney B. Simon, Larry Stiles, Lorraine A. Vail are the poets.

BIG ARTS Founders Gallery is located at 900 Dunlop Road, Sanibel. The Founders Gallery is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Exhibit supported by Visual Arts Patron Season Sponsor Deborah and John La Gorce.

To learn more about upcoming BIG ARTS events, stop by BIG ARTS, 900 Dunlop Road, Sanibel, call 395-0900, e-mail info@BIGARTS.org, or log on to www.BIGARTS.org.