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San-Cap Lions Club donates $1,750 to Friends Who Care

By Staff | Jun 21, 2011

Fran Cameron, left, and Sanibel-Captiva Lions Club President Rick Siders, right, present a Friends Who Care representative, Tom Louwers, with a $1,750 donation.

In memory of its long-standing member, Hugh Cameron, the Sanibel-Captiva Lions Club offered to make a donation to an organization of his and his wife’s choice.

Incoming President Rick Siders and Fran Cameron, Hugh’s wife, presented a $1,750 donation to a Friends Who Care representative, Tom Louwers.

Each year, Lions’ Club Charities raise money for deserving causes, including Friends Who Care and other local organizations that provide help and relief for local families.

Hugh, who was involved with the Lions for over 20 years, believed that Friends Who Care was a great organization and he volunteered with them, helping wrap Christmas gifts for many years.

“He was very dedicated to the community,” Siders said. “He was a great volunteer not only to us, but to many other organizations including SCCF. He was very active in our fundraising events and the Club’s treasurer. It’s especially meaningful to me, because he brought me into the Lions Club.”

Louwers explained that this donation will help sponsor back to school supplies at the end of the summer. Many of the families that work on the islands lose some of their income once the season winds down, so more requests for assistance start coming in especially when the school season starts again.

“When you see my list where some kids are being asked to spend as much as $200 on supplies, and where are some of these families going to get that kind of money?” Louwers said.

Last year, the organization helped support 120 children and 40 seniors. Louwers added that in addition to school supplies and gifts they also help by purchasing food, musical instruments and other extra items that many of these families can’t afford.

“There are lots and of good stories coming out of this,” he noted.

For the last 28 years, Friends Who Care, Inc. has been assisting families and individuals in the Sanibel community facing crisis-related situations. Friends Who Care works on an anonymous basis, through information from the police department, churches, schools and caring individuals in the community. They provide a private and highly personalized service to the individuals they assist. They also run a gift program during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and work closely with other local service organizations to identify areas where they can be of particular help.

If you know of anyone who may need assistance or would like to offer your help, please contact Friends Who Care at 472-5152.