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Sun Splash Receives 5-Star Safety Rating from Starfish Aquatics

By Staff | Jun 20, 2011

For the seventh consecutive year, the staff at Sun Splash Family Waterpark received a 5-star safety rating from Starfish Aquatics Institute. The 5-star rating is the highest rating awarded by the Institute, and Sun Splash has received the 5-star rating each year of its seven-year association with Starfish Aquatics.
A Starfish auditor arrived at the facility on Tuesday, June 14 as a “guest” and videotaped Sun Splash lifeguards and their job performance. Lifeguards must conduct themselves professionally, have proper sun protection and rescue equipment, and maintain coverage of their specific zones. All six lifeguards under surveillance received 5 stars.
“Our staff consistently receives the highest ratings for our public safety practices, and Sun Splash is the only waterpark in the nation to receive the 5-star rating every year,” said Parks Director Steve Pohlman in a prepared statement released Monday. “This should reassure our guests that when they come to Sun Splash, their safety is our top priority.”
The overall score consists of a combination of the video surveillance of lifeguards, at least two skill scenarios, aquatic management, and park safety (signage, water clarity, cleanliness, etc). The overall score can be 0 to 5 stars with 5 being the highest.
After the surveillance portion, the auditor alerted the waterpark staff of their presence, and required the lifeguards to conduct at least two skills scenarios randomly selected. Sun Splash lifeguards had to pull an unconscious victim from the bottom of the park’s deep well and a victim with a suspected spinal injury from the Electric Slide catch pool. Two separate teams of four lifeguards completed the skills and received 5 stars.
“We want our visitors to have a great time at Sun Splash and enjoy all the fun and entertainment the waterpark offers,” Pohlman said. “We also want their experience to be safe, and with our 5-star rating, we can be confident that our team is up to the task.”

Source: City of Cape Coral