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Ninja Potato needs your vote: Help Harry Chapin Food Bank win a Toyota Highlander

By Staff | Jun 20, 2011

Special to The Breeze
The Harry Chapin Food Bank is one of 500 finalists in Toyota’s “100 Cars for Good” program, which will award vehicles to 100 non-profit organizations, based on votes from the public. For 100 days, five different non-profits are being featured for the public’s voting on Toyota’s facebook page, facebook.com/Toyota. Each organization can show a two-minute video promoting their candidacy. The food bank is one of five non-profits featured for voting on Sunday, June 26.
You can help the Harry Chapin Food Bank obtain a Toyota Highlander hybrid SUV îand it won’t cost you anything except a few minutes. The food bank’s two-minute video, “Ninja Potato,” can be seen now at facebook.com/harrychapinfoodbank but you can’t vote until June 26. On that day, you need to go to facebook.com/Toyota.
“Ninja Potato” chronicles the journey of a special potato from its humble beginnings when it arrives at the warehouse at the Harry Chapin Food Bank, through training and ultimately its destiny fulfillment of helping feed the hungry in Southwest Florida.
Everyone, îreguardless of location, is encouraged to support the Harry Chapin Food Bank in obtaining the Toyota by voting on Sunday, June 26. Inform your friends, neighbors, and relatives to view the video and cast their votes. The vehicle will be used to help service the food bank’s 170 partner agencies feed more than 30,000 neighbors in need each month. Individuals can also view “Ninja Potato” by going online now to Toyota’s facebook page, clicking on 100 Cars for Good, then to Harry Chapin Food Bank, then on the Ninja Potato.
Mark your calendar on Sunday, June 26, to watch “Ninja Potato” and cast your vote for the Harry Chapin Food Bank. You can help the food bank in its quest to assist the needy in our communities.
The Harry Chapin Food Bank solicits, collects and stores quality food for distribution to families in need through a network of more than 170 local nonprofit agencies in Lee, Collier, Hendry, Charlotte and Glades counties, who provide food to more than 30,000 people monthly.
Over 900,000 pounds of food are distributed monthly. For every dollar donated, about $6 in food value goes back to the community. In the past fiscal year, The Harry Chapin Food Bank distributed more than 11.5 million pounds of food and other grocery products.
Additional information about or to contribute financially to the Harry Chapin Food Bank, contact 334-7007 or go to harrychapinfoodbank.org.
For additional information about “Ninja Potato,” contact Ben Walther at benwalther@harrychapinfoodbank.org or at 334-7007, ext. 108.