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Causeway safe to ride

By Staff | Jun 8, 2011

To the editor,

The case of the cyclist run down by a pickup truck on the Sanibel Causeway a few weeks ago was a tragedy and an appropriate motivator to review safety standards and consider options for improvement. Last week’s editorial in this paper addressed this issue and offered some suggestions.

While appreciative of concern for the safety of cyclists, especially those who ride on the causeway (which I have done hundreds of times), it is unlikely that the ideas proposed would have saved anyone in similar circumstances. A vehicle moving in an uncontrolled fashion could have just as easily driven into another car or someone on the pathway along Periwinkle Way.

Relatively speaking, the causeway is one of the safest places to ride. The lanes are wide, the traffic is generally not high speed, and visibility is outstanding. If money is to be spent to improve safety for bike riders, there are many opportunities where the return in bicycling safety would be much greater.

Raf Frankel