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Reminder to share the road

By Staff | Jun 2, 2011

To the editor,

As a cyclist and bike shop owner, I experience the conflicts and close calls of coexisting with motorists on the road, I also hear the stories of other cyclists. When a death occurs involving a cyclist or pedestrian, as on the Sanibel Causeway recently, public awareness of the dangers on our streets is increased, encouraging discussion.

I have cycled the causeway since 2004. Pre-construction, three years of messy lane barricades and post construction, with an “emergency lane” that led cyclists to a concrete toll booth wall upon exit. A beautiful bridge, but sadly not planned for non-motorists.

I commend Lee County for fixing the toll booth area last summer to provide cyclists with a safe approach and exit. The Sanibel Causeway is now a fantastic ride which attracts resident and visitor cyclists alike.

The key to safety is for motorists to realize that our roadways are not theirs exclusively — we all must take care to share the road. With gas prices high and the need for increased activity for health and weight control, it seems we should be working together. Most cyclists also drive a car; maybe some motorists will try a two wheel ride.

Salli Kirkland