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Cape Bob Evans named ‘restaurant of the year’

By Staff | Jun 2, 2011

A big celebration will be held for the Cape Coral Bob Evans on Pine Island Road Friday afternoon because it has been named one of four “restaurants of the year” in the company.
The Bob Evans corporation honors four of its 569 restaurants every year.
Ron Stiscak, Bob Evans regional manager for Florida, said the restaurant of the year is based on the store’s balanced score card from April to April that consists of outstanding customer service, sales figures and the overall customer satisfaction.
He said the top 20 restaurants are chosen based on that score, which is then narrowed down to the top 10 by an executive team. The regional leaders then evaluate the top 10 to choose the top four of the year.
Three of the top four Bob Evans Restaurants were located in Florida — Sun City, Cape Coral and Bradenton.
Stiscak said although it is the third consecutive year that the Cape Coral location has been up in sales, it is the first time it has been in the final 20.
Due to the award, each manager and employee that has been at the restaurant for the year will receive a $100, along with a personalized name tag that says “Restaurant of the Year.” The general manager will also receive 100 shares of the Bob Evans stock, along with an awards trip in September.
“It is a great accomplishment,” Stiscak said.
The celebration will be held from 2:45-3:30 p.m., Friday, at the Bob Evans located at 1420 Pine Island Road, S.W.