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Kuehn says he will not seek re-election

By Staff | May 21, 2011

District 5 council member Erick Kuehn said he will not run for re-election this year and is ready to vacate the seat to which he was appointed once his term expires.
Kuehn said Friday that he’s been taking the job home with him, so to speak, and after discussing the situation with his wife, decided it was best to pass on a re-election bid.
Kuehn said he’s been having trouble sleeping at night because he thinks so much about the city, and that he likely cares too much about the future of Cape Coral.
Those stresses helped him decide to take a pass.
“Unless something drastic happens I have no intention of running,” Kuehn said.
A former regular at city council meetings, especially during the public comment section of meetings, Kuehn said he likely will step back into that role once the term is up.
Kuehn said he was comfortable in the role of citizen activist and it gave him the opportunity speak in a way that, as a council member, he cannot.
Kuehn was appointed by council majority last year when Eric Grill was suspended following an arrest.
Kuehn said he would “never say never” but for his decision has been made, and he will not seek re-election.
“Lots of times you take a on a job and you think it’s not going to affect you, but it bothers you in the long run,” he said. “At least this way I don’t take it to bed with me.”