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A small amount of common sense

By Staff | May 18, 2011

To the editor,

May brings the annual appearance of marine turtles to our Gulf beach, where they lay their nest of eggs. We have our volunteers who see that these nests are not disturbed. Our city code requires that all residences fronting the Gulf beach have special tinted anti-glare windows.

I assume that this is not news to anyone residing on Sanibel. So why do I broach the subject? Have any turtle nests been spotted on our bay beaches? Perhaps the lack of suitable sandy surfaces might be a major factor.

Why then do we have the same window requirements for those residents facing the bay? Other than the protection of turtle nests, which is obviously not applicable, the only other ordinance possibly justifying such bayside restrictions is the following:

Sanibel Code, Sec.126-997 — “Enhance the ambiance of the community; and insure optimal viewing of spectacular night skies above Sanibel.”

If the above is applicable for bayside residents, why not impose the same requirements on all residences on Sanibel? I realize that is a dangerous suggestion, but if the past is any indication of the future, who knows?

Why is it we cannot use a small amount of common sense? Will the do-gooders ever show a small amount of restraint when they control council. It appears once a feel-good ordinance is passed, it remains in our City Code in perpetuity.

Dale Armstrong