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CEPD Commissioner Miville resigns after 16 years of service

By Staff | May 16, 2011

Rene Miville speaks at the opening of Blind Pass, a project he remains committed to in light of his resignation from the CEPD board.

Captiva Erosion Prevention District Commissioner Rene Miville has decided to resign from the board. His announcement came during the regular board meeting this month.

“Instinct,” he said is what prompted his resignation, after 16 years of serving as one of five commissioners. “I know things are good hands.”

During Miville’s long standing tenure on the board, he has been a part of the Captiva Island and northern Sanibel beach nourishment projects that took place in 1996 and 2006, as well as being instrumental in Blind Pass renovation efforts and the establishment of the CEPD’s island-wide Emergency Maintenance Plan.

“CEPD was the first in the state to implement this type of initiative,” he said about the Emergency Maintenance Plan, of which he was the creator following the near miss of Hurricane Andrew in the early 1990s. “I am proud of my role in promoting its development.”

The Emergency Plan was put in to place to address requisite planning needed to respond to major storm damage within 90 days of any qualifying storm event. It is also the reason why Miville got involved with CEPD.

“When I realized Hurricane Andrew could hit us, it would have been devastating,” Miville said. “I prayed to the Gods of Captiva and swore if the storm were to miss us, I would do everything in my power to protect the island.”

And he did by creating emergency response plan, which was a “no brainer,” according to Miville. It started with the idea of having the ability to build back the beaches right away, should a devastating storm hit Captiva.

In addition, he considers the beach nourishment projects a major accomplishment during his tenure. Captiva has been voted the best beaches in Florida and are renowned across the globe, since the inception of the nourishment projects.

“They are a gem, hands down,” he said.

Residing board chairman Michael Mullins feels Captiva islanders owes Miville a debt of gratitude for all his work, especially as he played a key role in attending to the issues responsible for the periodic and un-welcome shoaling of Blind Pass. Miville will remain as committed as ever to keeping Blind Pass open.

“Commissioner Miville’s resignation is accepted with regret as it ends more than a decade and a half of Rene’s service to Captiva Island and CEPD,” said Mullins.

The CEPD is a governmental body created as an Independent Special District by special act of the Florida’s legislature. The five CEPD commissioners are duly elected at large in an Captiva-only election; they serve without compensation in accordance with the CEPD’s enabling legislation. Its mandate is to manage the island’s beach preservation and to contend with erosion related issues on Captiva. As an official beach and shore preservation district under Florida Statutes, the CEPD’s jurisdiction includes all lands within the tidal waters of Captiva Island.