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Mayor calls special meeting to discuss proposed charter changes

By Staff | May 12, 2011

Mayor John Sullivan has called a special meeting at 4 p.m. Friday to discuss the proposed changes to the city’s charter, according to city spokeswoman Connie Barron.
The meeting will be a workshop only. No votes will be taken.
Although the charter amendments are also listed on the agenda for city council’s regular voting meeting on Monday, the council will discuss changes proposed by City Manager Gary King and Councilmember Bill Deile.
King wants council members with inquiries and investigations to be “authorized via formal consensus” and for council members to have to deal solely with the city manager and not city employees when requesting information, according to city documentation.
Barron said this was not an emergency meeting.
Sullivan said it is important for the council to have enough time to discuss the changes, as they plan on voting on the changes Monday.
With council going on its summer hiatus in two weeks, the mayor said the clock is ticking to make changes to the charter.
“I want to give council more time to digest this thing. At least one council member expressed that he didn’t feel there was enough time to bat the ball around, so to speak,” Sullivan said.
Councilmember Chris Chulakes-Leetz said last Monday that the council needs a meeting to address the charter changes specifically.
Sullivan said he was disappointed last Monday that council did not come up with more ideas.
The mayor would like to see the City Clerk’s office put under control of the council and taken away from the city manager; he’d like to see the council’s subpoena power increased by raising fines and potential jail time for not cooperating; and the mayor would also like the council to have more power when it comes to disciplining police officers.
As important as the city charter is, Sullivan said, it is vitally important that all of council have a chance to weigh in.
“We got a clock running and I want to put this to bed ASAP,” Sullivan said. “I’m trying to make sure everyone has a chance to put their two cents in this.”
Public comment will be taken during the meeting.