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Bobcat encounter becomes a shutterbug’s dream

By Staff | May 6, 2011

Property manager Mark Wells took these images of a bobcat strolling along the Brown residence last Saturday night.

When Mark Wells and his wife, Debbie, were sitting quietly on the rear lanai of a Captiva property they manage last Saturday evening, they never expected any guests to join them.

However, a mature female bobcat crashed their party.

“All of a sudden, this bobcat walks right past us,” said Mark Wells, recalling his April 30 encounter. “She was only a couple of feet away at one point.”

According to Wells, the bobcat approached the Brown’s residence around 6:30 p.m., walking through a fence next to the rear patio deck.

“It walked past a couple of chairs, jumped off the deck, peed on a bush and continued down the pathway,” he reported.

The female bobcat appears to be posing for a portrait.

Hoping that the feline would come around to the other side of the house, Well ran to get his camera. As luck would have it, the bobcat did exactly as he had hoped, returning to the rear of the property up the driveway. It approached to about 100 feet of the couple, but didn’t appear to be interested in exploring them any further.

“She sort of crouched down as I began taking pictures,” said Wells. “And every time she turned to walk away, when my camera beeped, she turned back around and looked at me.”

Wells said he took about a dozen pictures of the bobcat before it finally disappeared into the flora.

“I talked to a couple of construction guys and they had seen this bobcat, too,” he added. “I had seen one on Captiva before a couple of years ago, but I never got this close.”

The feline seemed disinterested in coming too close to Mark and Debbie Wells.

After a brief encounter, the bobcat turned and slowly walked away.