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School District sees FCAT score increase

By Staff | May 5, 2011

The Lee County School District experienced an increase in its Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test essay scores for those who received a score of 4.0 or above.
“This is tremendous news,” interim Superintendent Dr. Larry Tihen said in a prepared statement. “This speaks volumes about the work done by our students, teachers and schools. It is something we can all be very proud of.”
FCAT scores range from a 1 to a 6, with a 4 being the minimum passing score at the state level.
Fourth grade students had the greatest increase in the FCAT writing scores of a 4.0 or above from last year with an 82 percent, an increase from 67 percent. The state level had a similar increase, 81 percent from last year’s score of 68 percent.
Eighth grade students also saw an increase in their 4.0 or better scores, from a 75 percent last year to an 82 percent this year. The state level had an increase from 76 percent last year to an 82 percent this year.
The 10th grade students also had an increase in writing scores from a 69 percent last year to a 74 percent this year. Last year the percentage of 10th grade students scoring 4 or above was 72 percent on their writing score compared to a 75 percent this year.
The Department of Education also released FCAT writing scores for students who scored a 3.0 or above. The score of a 3.0 is the minimum passing score for the federal No Child Left behind.
Fourth grade students receiving a score of 3 or better was 97 percent, compared to last year’s mark of 95 percent. The state had a score of 97 percent, which was an increase from last year’s score of 94 percent.
There was a 1 percent increase for 8th grade students from last year with a 97 percent, which was the same at the state level.
The 10th grade writing scores remained the same at 94 percent earning a 3. 0 or better for both the Lee County School District and at the state level.
The FCAT writing is given to fourth, eighth and 10th grade students to test them on writing focus, organization, support and grammar and spelling.