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Caring Transitions offers various services for seniors

By Staff | May 5, 2011

A franchise was introduced to Fort Myers last year that provides assistance for senior moving, downsizing and estate sales.
Francine DiGiorgio, owner of Caring Transitions of Fort Myers said she began working for the franchise in 2010 with her sister-in-law Zandra Mae DiGiorgio. She said they provide services for Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, Sanibel and Pine Island.
DiGiorgio said in 2009 her mother and father passed away six months from each other. She said she was faced with selling their home, dealing with government agencies and making funeral arrangements.
“I realized that I needed to go out there and help seniors,” DiGiorgio said about her own personal experience. “I realized that other families must go through this and not have family close by.”
The national company provides a multi-faceted solution for a families facing difficult times by helping the family sell their home and liquidate their household items so they can spend time with their family. The company also helps senior citizens downsize their home.
“We want to add to their family and be there for them,” DiGiorgio said because of the overwhelming feeling of getting everything accomplished.
She said she and Zandra recently did an estate sale in Cape Coral for a woman who recently lost her father.
DiGiorgio said they helped the family conduct an estate sale, along with taking care of the belongings that needed to be liquidated.
“It is very good for a third party to sort personal things that need to be sold,” she said, adding it can be difficult.
The proceeds from the sale helped the family pay for things that were needed to be taken care of.
Another service Caring Transitions provides is helping seniors move into a new home or downsize some of their personal items.
DiGiorgio said she will meet with senior citizens in their home and ask them what they do not mind leaving behind and what is important to take with them. She said the downsize can be difficult because older adults collect items over time that eventually have memories attached to them.
An illustration is provided for them to show them the floor plan of where they are living now, along with where they are moving to. DiGiorgio said visuals are very important because it allows them to see that the floor plan does not fit everything they might want to take.
Once it is determined what can be brought to their new residence, DiGiorgio moves all of their belongings into their home.
“I try to mimic what they had before because seniors don’t like change,” she said about placing items in the safe exact location as their previous home. “I do it for them because it is no stress for them and they can start their life again.”
DiGiorgio said her mission is to eliminate stress for seniors.
For information call Francine DiGiorgio at 239-560-6071, email her at fdigiorgio@caringtransitions.net or visit the website at www.caringtransitions.net/southftmyersfl.