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Cape police selected to test new TASER

By Staff | Apr 19, 2011

The Cape Coral Police Department will test and evaluate a new product from TASER beginning Wednesday, April 20. The company will be issuing its AXON System to a select group of officers on the force to test.
The AXON system from TASER is a camera system that officers wear on their person to capture video from the officer’s perspective. The technology is similar to in-car video systems, in that it can record situations that officers face on a daily basis only this technology documents incidents beyond the view of the typical dash-cam. The device, similar to a Bluetooth headset, is worn in such a manner to truly give the “officer’s eye view.”
The department is also testing the system to see if it may begin to replace the more expensive in-car video systems. It is the belief that the TASER AXON System is a more useful product with significant cost savings versus the current in-car camera system. The department is exploring a grant to cover the cost of the TASER AXON Systems.
“This new technology from TASER will enable us to have continued transparency which falls in line with our community engagement program. It will also offer protection against false accusations of misconduct against our officers” said Lt. Tony Sizemore, spokesperson for the department.
In fact, according to TASER, 93 percent of complaints against officers are dismissed when video is present.
“The AXON tactical computer brings the power of incident video to every law enforcement officer. Law enforcement officers constantly face false allegations and complaints that question their integrity and honor. With the AXON system, you now have the ability to show administrators and even jurors exactly what you saw, from your visual perspective.”