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Edison Small Business classes returning to CRA in April

By Staff | Apr 16, 2011

Edison State College’s Small Business Workshops are returning at the end of April, offering local business people the opportunity to learn more about their trade as they navigate economic recovery.
Led by Tom McNulty, this is the second go-round for the professor in Cape Coral, and after a successful showing during the first set of classes, he’s eager to get going.
“People don’t understand how important small business is in the country,” McNulty said. “Ninety-eight percent of all business in this country is small business.”
The two new workshops —“Understanding Small Business” and “Basic Principles of Sound Management” –will each have seven 90 minute sessions focusing on different topics within those larger spectrums.
McNulty said “Understanding Small Business” is aimed at people looking to start a business or have recently launched an enterprise; while the second workshop is aimed at people who want to improve their existing business.
McNulty said people who start small businesses might not have the knowledge, only the desire, to make sure their efforts are successful.
“I come from a world of small business,” McNulty said. “People have the passion, the desire, but they may not be good with money management, or inventory controls … those areas tend to be a bit of a weakness.”
Price of the workshops are $20 per person for each seven-session workshop.
Businesses located within the CRA will receive a full rebate for the sessions upon completion, for up to two people per business.
All workshop will be held at the CRA office and meeting space in Big John’s Plaza.
McNulty cited Hilton Hotels and Walmart as two highly successful American corporations that started simply enough with small business aspirations.
“It like planting a tree,” McNulty said. “You want it to grow and that what small business is supposed to do. Sometimes you just have to adapt and change.”
Small Business workshops run April 27 through June 11.
For more information contact Tom McNulty at 489-9454.