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Cape woman accused of opening accounts in mother’s name

By Staff | Apr 16, 2011

A Cape Coral woman is accused of opening up numerous accounts and credit cards in her mother’s name and raking up more than $5,000 in charges.
Kathleen Regina Skibinski, 43, of 202 S.E. 10th Terrace, was arrested and charged Thursday with fraud illegal use of credit cards more than two times in six months to obtain good money $100 or more, and larceny grand theft $5,000 or more but less than $10,000.
Skibinski was also charged with use possess identification of another person without consent, according to booking records from the Lee County Jail.
On April 7, Skibinski’s mother arrived at the Cape Coral Police Department and provided documents showing that several accounts had been opened in her name without her permission. She told police that she learned about the accounts after receiving calls that she was delinquent on the payments.
After researching the matter, the woman found a DirecTV, Metro PCS and Lee County Electric Co-operative account had been opened, according to the arrest report. The DirecTV service was being provided to Skibinski’s home.
The total amount owed on the accounts is approximately $5,312.
When asked how she wanted to handle the situation, Skibinski’s mother said she would like to proceed with formal charges and “Kathleen Skibinski needs to go to jail,” according to the report.
When questioned by police, Skibinski allegedly apologized for what she had done.
She also reportedly admitted to using her mother’s credit card to pay her electric bill, opening a DirecTV account using her mother’s information and opening several other accounts using the same personal information.
Other ones included Shell/Citi and Walmart, according to the report.
Skibinski was taken into custody and transferred to the Lee County Jail. As of Friday, she had been released.
Skibinski declined to comment on the case over the telephone Friday.
Her mother could not be reached for comment.
Skibinski has a court date scheduled May 16, according to booking records.