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Cape’s ‘Antique and Unique’ to get TV show exposure

By Staff | Apr 16, 2011

Part-time Cape residents Jerry and Jeremiah Pasternak are the subjects of an as-yet untitled show that focuses on buying and selling antiques, and filming will take place next week at their Big Johns shop, “Antique and Unique.”
A Toronto based production company will be in town for the event, according to series producer Sandra Meret, who said the show follows the Pasternaks as they buy, sell, and appraise pieces antiques from Florida to Maine.
Meret said some filming has already taken place, and following next week’s sessions the show will hit the road, literally, as they Pasternaks head back north, buying and selling along the way.
“James has been doing this for 45 years but at this point he’s semi-retired so his son, Jeremiah, is helping him take over a bigger portion of the trade,” Meret said.
The show is scheduled to air in fall of this year, but the title, and the broadcaster, is yet to be determined.
Meret said the personalities of father and son make up the conflict of the show, as Jeremiah tries to move his father’s business into the 21st century using technology to aid in the buying and selling, according to Meret.
Meret said the show will walk viewers through the entire process of buying and selling antique items, and offer a glimpse into a lifestyle that other shows of similar subject matter don’t offer.
“It has a lot to do with research and scouring for those antiques,” she added.
The public is invited to visit the shop, and attend the filming of the show, on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
The shop, Antique and Unique, is at 1219 Cape Coral Parkway E, Unit 14. Or visit antique.tv.blogspot.com.