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Poetic License: Island Magic

By Staff | Apr 14, 2011

Island Magic

Soaring, swooping over the ocean

Wings spread out as they cut

Through the warm, tropical air —

An isle, glowing with warmth

And happiness

Spreads into view,

The dolphins chirp and splash

In a friendly greeting

Pelicans line the shore

Snatching fish out of the shimmering water;

Sunlight envelops the pearly white sand

And the shells click goodbye

As tall wispy palms appear

And thick, juicy grapes fall to Earth;

But before long

The green shrubs wave hello

The birds trumpet out a tune so melodious

The wind stops blowing

And the alligators drop their prey to listen

The lizards knock their heads farewell —

Soaring on

The mangroves stretch over the water

Caging snapping crabs and snarling fish

The manatees groan,

Tired of the endless forest noise,

Then, taking off towards the clouds

Wings flapping majestically

Away from the magic, the magic

Of Sanibel Island

By Nicholas “Nicky”Edward Ashton

5th Grade Winner

Sanibel School Poetry Contest