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Six students earn Do The Right Thing honors for April

By Staff | Apr 13, 2011

The Cape Coral Police Department awarded its Do The Right Thing awards for April Wednesday at City Hall

Overall winner
— Jessica Morgan, 12th grade, Mariner High, daughter of Cindy O’Connell and Bill Morgan
Jessica was nominated by her assistant principal because of her commitment to a friend and fellow student. Jessica’s friend, Olivia, broke her ankle at a pep rally in the fall. While she was out of school for medical treatment, Jessica independently contacted Olivia’s teachers, got her homework and books and not only delivered the work but stayed to tutor Olivia. Jessica also took over driving Olivia’s younger sister Claudia to and from school, even waiting for her to get out of afternoon practice.
Jessica has also been a very dedicated “guard” member of the Silver Magic Marching Band. She was captain last year and was to be captain again this year but has sacrificed her participation in order to assist her family. Jessica’s family has seen some financial struggles this year with the illness of her father. Jessica’s mom is currently working two jobs and Jessica gave up her guard position in order to get a job and help her family pay the bills.

— Daniel Sigears, 5th grade, Cape Elementary, grandson of Joel and Suzanne Zinderman
Daniel volunteers on a daily basis with the K through 2nd grade ESE class. He turns on the student computer and logs in each student to take their AR tests. He reads the book to them, and for many of the students he knows how to modify the test so they’re able to fully understand the questions. He is very sensitive to the students’ speech difficulties, being tactful in asking them to repeat themselves and figuring out what they are saying without making them feel bad. He also helps with special projects like cooking and is a wonderful role model for these students as he treats them with respect and courtesy.

— Devon Swyers, 8th grade, Challenger Middle, daughter of Patricia Swyers
Devon spent the night at her friend Madison’s home. When they awoke on Saturday morning, Devon and Madison discovered Madison’s mother’s boyfriend dead on the couch. Devon and a neighbor attempted to resuscitate him, Devon counting while the neighbor did chest compressions, with no success. Devon didn’t hesitate to help even though it was a stressful and shocking situation for her.

— Annaliese Rodriguez, 6th grade, Challenger Middle, daughter of Christopher and Kimmarie Rodriguez
— Gabriella Kulynych, 6th grade, Challenger Middle, daughter of Richard and Christine Kulynych
Annaliese and Gabriella sit next to a student in band class who is visually and cognitively impaired. They try very hard to help him understand where they are in the music and what they are doing. They point for him while they play their own instruments so that he can track the notes they are on and recite the note names with him as they are following with someone who is playing individually. The student’s behavior is significantly below his age and grade level, but both girls have demonstrated compassion and patience and helped him to feel as if he’s a complete part of the class.

— Mark Grable, 8th grade, Gulf Middle, son of Terry Grable
Mark was nominated by the Kindergarten teacher at Pelican Elementary. For the past three years, Mark has been reliable, trustworthy and serves as a positive role model to the Kindergartners while he volunteers his time. Mark takes on every task asked of him with a positive attitude and helps each student not only with educational gains, but has also fostered their positive self esteem. He reads with them allowing them to read the words they know and gives positive feedback to each student. He is an important part of the classroom environment.