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Drivers cutting through neighborhoods, excessive speeding growing concerns

By Staff | Apr 13, 2011

City transportation staff is looking at ways to curb excessive speeding and drivers cutting through area neighborhoods.
Dr. Rasheed Hanbali said there are both “perceived and true” problems when it came to the issue, but ultimately it falls to the Transportation Advisory Commission, and City Council, to decide the best methods in which to deal with the issues.
Southwest 28th Street between Skyline and Chiquita boulevards is one area of particular concern.
Resident Scott Bologna said he sees people using Southwest 28th Street as a regular cut-through, and that it puts lives in danger.
“It takes only one accident to hurt a child,” Bologna said.
Speed bumps, increased traffic fines and lowered speed limits were all suggestions levied by TAC members.
Although no official action Southwest 28th as the poster child for what we know we’re going to deal with in the future,” Councilmember Chris Chulakes-Leetz said.
Dropping the speed limit in one specific area or on one specific street might invite a host of similar requests, according to Councilmember Kevin McGrail, but Mayor John Sullivan said if people who live along Southwest 28th Street want it, he’s going to try and give it to them.
City Council previously approved dropping the speed limit along Gleason Parkway.
“If I get sense the residents want that speed dropped to 25, I’m going to push for it,” Sullivan said. “It’s not that different from what we did on Gleason.”
The mayor added it was important to “be flexible” in order to handle the problem.