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Cape police officers of the month named

By Staff | Apr 13, 2011

The Cape Coral Police Department has announced that Officers Nick Malone and Keith Pankey have been selected as the department’s Officers of the Month for March 2011.
Pankey and Malone work Patrol on the 2nd Platoon.
On March 25, at 11:45 a.m., Malone and Pankey were originally called to an insecure premise at a residence. A neighbor contacted Cape police stating that the front door at 3624 N.E. 20th Place was standing open and felt that it was suspicious as he had never observed this before.
Malone and Pankey responded and made several announcements at the front door, but received no response. Based on the fact that a neighbor felt that the situation was suspicious, the officers made the decision to enter the residence to help determine whether or not a burglary had occurred or if an occupant was in need of medical assistance.
While checking the residence, they encountered a black male sleeping in a children’s bed. The male identified himself as Jeremy Davis, 20.
Davis stated that it was his sister’s residence and that she worked at Hope Hospice.
Malone attempted to confirm this information but was unable to as there was no such record of anyone by the last name of Davis who worked at Hope Hospice.
When Malone confronted Davis with this information, Davis changed his birth year to 1991. Malone then obtained Davis’s Social Security number. Upon checking, there was also no record of the number.
When Malone asked Davis to repeat the Social Security number, he was unable to and bowed his head. Davis then stated that his real name was Jarell Glenn, 24.
Malone then asked him if he had a warrant. Glenn then stated that he shot another person in the early morning hours and that he was hiding from FMPD.
Glenn was then detained until FMPD arrived and took him into custody.
Upon checking, it turned out that his girlfriends’ brother, whom he shot multiple times, had died. Preliminary investigation by FMPD revealed that Glenn shot in self defense, and as of now has not been charged in the shooting. However, he has been charged with aggravated assault stemming from a fight with his girlfriend (which is why the brother arrived).
Malone and Pankey did an excellent job investigating the initial incident and ascertaining Glenn’s true identity. Due to their persistence, they were able to get Glenn to admit to shooting an individual and being on the run. Although Glenn was not charged with murder, they removed a potentially dangerous subject, who sought refuge in our city, off the streets.

Source: Cape Coral Police Department