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City issues Hurricane Re-Entry Hangtag Pass alert

By Staff | Apr 11, 2011

The City of Sanibel is reminding all Sanibel property owners who leave for the summer or go on extended vacations during the hurricane season to bring their Hurricane Re-Entry Hangtags with them.

“If by chance there is a disaster that requires an evacuation of Sanibel, the Re-Entry Hangtags will help expedite an orderly return,” said Bill Tomlinson, Chief of the Sanibel Police Department.

In addition, the City of Sanibel is requesting all residents, property owners, business owners, property managers and their essential personnel to maintaintheir Hurricane Re-Entry Hangtag Passes in a safe and easily accessible place.

“The best place to keep your Hurricane Re-Entry Hangtag is in the glove box of your primary vehicle,” Tomlinson added.

Listed below are the colors that will be honored for the 2011 Hurricane Season.



As we all know, community cooperation is still the key in hurricane preparedness and keeping the number of vehicles on the Islands after a hurricane to a minimum is essential to recovery efforts, so as in the past years, there will be only one hangtag per household issued.

For questions regarding hurricane passes or emergency preparedness, please contact Emergency Management Specialist Stephanie Dowd of the Sanibel Police Department at 472-3111.

Source: City of Sanibel